Violet Evergarden

The story of Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden was a war orphan when the eldest of the Bougainvillea family, Dietfried , took her in for the meter in the service of his little brother Gilbert Bougainvillea . During the four-year war, Gilbert and Violet were sent to the front an impressive number of times but thanks to Violet 's extraordinary ability to handle weapons they always got away with it. In the course of their various battles, Gilbert having already realized that Violet was like an empty envelope so that Violet develops and expresses what she really desires which is why he asked his superior and friend Claudia Hodgins just before their last battle that he hire Violet in his postal company. Then when the time comes to last assault on an enemy position, Violet and Gilbert found themselves stuck alone in the middle of enemy terrain and about to be bombarded. Severely wounded, both of them ended up finding refuge for a moment before the bombardment of their artillery and taking advantage of their last moments Gilbert confessed to Violet that he loved her, unfortunately Violet did not understand the meaning of his sentence, and hearing the shells come, he threw himself on her to protect her by losing her life.

Some time later, Violet woke up in a country hospice, realizing that her forearms and hands had been replaced with mechanical limbs and wondering where her superior and savior Gilbert was, unaware of her death.

Later, in order to be forgiven for her guilt and to respect what Gilbert had asked of her, Claudia decided to hire Violet in her postal company, the CH postal company , as an automatic souvenir doll , consisting of writing and transcribe their feelings into letters for others (as a public writer would do), something that is not easy for Violet given her inability to understand feelings, having never had time to think about them herself.

Chaining the blunders and failing to melt into her new civilian environment, Claudia asks her employees, including Iris Canary , to help her understand what feelings are and later to be able to make her a competent automatic memory doll sends her to a specialized school where she meets Luculia Marlborough who becomes her friend and with whom she succeeds a little better in understanding what feelings are.

Kept in the dark about Gilbert 's death for her own good, Violet will fulfill the mission given to her by going all over the country and neighboring countries while continuing to hope that one day she will be able to see Gilbert and ask him what was the meaning of his last words "I love you".

The characters of Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden : war orphan taken in by Dietfried Bougainvillea to serve her little brother Gilbert Bougainvillea , she turns out to be an outstanding fighter and is guilty of a lot of carnage without really understanding what she is being made to do, being like emptiness inside she learns from the contacts of new encounters what the importance of feelings and life itself is. She was very attached to her superior and savior Gilbert.

Gilbert Bougainvillea : young son of the Bougainvillea family, he is called to hold a high position, in the army or in the civilian world, but all these things do not interest him and it is when his big brother Dietfried offers him Violet that in shock he decides to protect her as much as he could, alas Violet and he are both called to war and he dies protecting her in the ruins of an enemy castle.

Claudia Hodgins: rich heir of wealthy parents, wants to found his postal company after the war, he decides to accept the request of his friend Gilbert during the war who is to take care of Violet if something happens to her, and after the war keep his word by committing violet and helping him as best as he can in his integration into civilian life.

The Creation of Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden was created by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase on December 25, 2015 and published by Kyoto Animation with their own brand KA Esuma Bunko , then a second volume on November 26, 2016 and finally a last volume closing the story on November 27. March 2020.

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