tokyo revenge

Takemichi Hanagaki is a 26-year-old loser, he lives in a tiny and unsanitary apartment and is employed in a DVD store where he is not respected. One day while watching the news at home he learns that Hinata Tachibana and Naoto Tachibana were killed in a gang clash sparked by the Toman . Hinata was his girlfriend in college and learning of his death suddenly reminds him of the good times they spent together and feels helpless. It was the next day on the station platforms when the train was about to arrive that a stranger pushed it onto the tracks. Too late for him, he knows he won't have time to get back up and everything goes in slow motion for him, that's when certain he's been killed, all of a sudden he finds himself in a mall with his friends when he was a thug and had his hair dyed blonde. He is taken aback by realizing that he has gone back in time to grade 12 while he was still in college.

This unexpected event makes him understand one thing about his life, if until now he has spent his time always apologizing and bowing to others it is because in college when he was beaten by guys older than them, he and his friends went through hell, and he preferred to run away and leave everything behind. After having relived their bust, while he was in a park on a swing, Takemichi hears guys wanting to steal from a kid, this enrages him and without warning he bursts them out by explaining to the kid afterwards that he must not let this happen. To his greatest astonishment, this kid happens to be the little brother of his girlfriend from Hinata College, Naoto Tachibana . In shock, he realizes he can save him and even though he looks crazy at the time he begs Naoto to believe him by explaining to him that he would die in exactly 12 years in an accident and that he should not go to this place on the fateful day. Surprisingly, Naoto agrees to believe him and thanks him, they shake hands and after a flash, Takemichi finds himself in the present (2017) in the hospital where he thinks he had a dream but barely has he had time to regain consciousness that someone comes to visit him, Naoto listened to his advice and did not die that day, the time jump he made was very real, for Takemichi the shock of this observation is striking. Naoto to spend these 12 years to understand how he was able to save him and ended up understanding for himself that Takemichi could time travel. After having explained everything to her, he asks her card on the table knowing that he could never refuse, to save the life of his big sister '''' who she was killed and could not be saved.

Obviously, Takemichi does not even have to think about it, he accepts immediately without discussion. Naoto this was realized after a brief presentation at his home to Takemichi that it is by shaking his hand that Takemichi is sent to his past body from 12 years ago and so from now on both will form a duo to save Hinata and prevented his death. Takemichi is not at the end of its surprises and did not end up drooling but the game is worth the candle!

Tokyo Revengers characters

Takemichi Hanagaki:

He is the main character of the story, he has the power to go back in time 12 years and will take advantage of it to save his girlfriend Hinata with the help of his brother Naoto . His goal is to join the Toman gang and take the lead in order to prevent him from taking the wrong path.

Hinata Tachibana:

She was going out with Takemichi 12 years ago but was killed in a gang clash involving the Toman. She always supports Takemichi whom she loves more than anything and is ready to help him as soon as she can make herself useful. She is the main reason why Takemichi wants to fight.

Naoto Tachibana:

He's Hinata 's little brother. and become friends with Takemichi after this one came to his aid in the past. He believes Takemichi when he tells him to come from the future and in the present (2017) does everything to help him. He becomes a policeman and is interested in the occult sciences to understand how Takemichi could go back in time. Together they try to save the life of Hinata at all costs.

tokyo revenge the author

tokyo revenge is a manga written and drawn by Ken Wakui and publish by magazine Weekly Young Jump since March 2017 . An anime series adaptation was made in April 2021 by Liden Films .

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