The Rising of The Shield Hero

The Rising of The Shield Hero, the story summary

Naofumi Iwatani is a young adult living with his parents. When he was younger, he helped his big brother get out of a bad patch, so now his parents let him spend his time as he wishes. He has a little money to be able to go out and from time to time he goes to the library of his city to read light novels , his passion. It was on one of those days that Naofumi had a book fall on him when he was trying to pick up a book from the library shelf. The binding seemed to him to be more work than the other books. He noticed that the book had the appearance of an old grimoire, which denoted compared to the books lying next to it and was brand new. He started to read the summary of the book, " The Four Holy Weapons ", and very quickly he understood that it was a book of heroic fantasy , a literary style which he likes very much. No sooner had he started reading the book than suddenly a light surrounded him and without knowing how he found himself in a room alongside three other people he did not know. People asked them for their help, explaining to them that they had been invoked to save their world from the waves of calamity. Naofumi realized that he had been, with the three other people, invoked in the books he had started to read and that he had a shield attached to his forearm, another had a sword, another a bow. and yet another spear, they were the heroes wielding these holy weapons and all four had a duty to defeat calamity with the help of these weapons.

After going around the question Naofumi understands that of the four heroes, the one with the shield is the least appreciated and that he receives almost no help, unlike his three friends who all have the help they want. . For him, the adventure and the mission that he was given without his having a say in it did not start with a bang, but some people will help him during his adventure and his ascent will not is just getting started.

The Rising of The Shield Hero characters

Naofumi Iwatani:

he is the main character of the story, the one through whom we live and discover this world. Young twenty-year-old student, he lives with his parents and loves reading and video games, one day he is summoned from the world of a book that falls on him at the library, where he is three other people legendary weapons and the mission to overcome waves of calamities to save this world.


Young semi-human (half human half raccoon) she loses her parents during one of the waves of calamity where a canine monster with three heads kills her parents and makes her an orphan. She is then captured by a slave seller who sells her to Naofumi when she is very frail and sick. Naofumi heals her, gives her food, clothes and teaches her to fight so that she can have her at his side as a sword as he can only use the shield, any other weapon being impossible for him to handle. Over time, Raptalia gains experience and level and grows rapidly. She is like a daughter for Naofumi but she begins to be attracted to him and wishes with all her heart to be able to fight by his side.


She is still only an egg when Naofumi buys her from the slave trader (randomly among other eggs). an ostrich. But Filo is not like her congeners. She is a queen filoctere, that is to say that she is much larger and much more powerful. She very quickly passes from the stage of a chick to that of a gigantic filoctere , and ends up acquiring the ability to transform into a human. When she is human, Filo has the appearance of a little blond girl with blue eyes and very gluttonous. She also feels an attraction for Naofumi , which is a problem. a little Raphtalia but in the end both end up getting along really well.All three form a trio which during their adventures will thwart and repair many errors giving them a reputation which will only grow with time.

The creation of "The Rising of The Shield Hero"

The Rising of The Shield Hero is a light novel series written by Aneko Yusagi in 2012. It was later adapted into a manga in 2014 and then into an anime series in 2019 by Kinema Citrus studio.

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