The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Story of "The Quintessential Quintuplets"

The manga " The Quintessential Quintuplets " begins by taking us through the life of young high school student Futaro Uesugi , a brilliant and best student in his school but penniless from a poor family. he meets a new student, Itsuki Nakano who joins him for lunch and one thing leads to another, the conversation turns to studies and Itsuki ends up admitting to him that he is not very good at court and does not have very good mark and ended up asking him if he would agree to give him support lessons, to which he replied curtly that he did not. It was shortly after this scene that Futaro received a call from his little sister Raiha for the inform that their father has found him a job as a private teacher in a wealthy family called Nakano and will therefore now be able to eat his fill and no longer be forced to take only white rice with nothing at each lunchtime meal.

It is while resuming the afternoon classes that Futaro becomes disillusioned when their teacher introduces them to a new student who joins their class and she introduces her. Obviously it is Itsuki Nakano and that is why moment that Futaro understands that the girl he coldly ignored is in fact the daughter of the family to whom he will have to give court. Having realized this, Futaro tries to apologize to her but in wine then at lunchtime when he tries to follow her with her tray he realizes that she is sitting at a table occupied by four other girls and that therefore he will not be able to approach her. we notice and Itsuki scolds him that's when she with the short hair goes to see him to ask him if he follows her because he loves her and the one with the bowl cut goes to see him to give him back his copy he dropped from his pocket. Futaro realizes that he will not be able to apologize to Itsuki in this way and after the court decides to follow her but still her four other girls are with her and the girl who seems the most discreet spots him and him. asks what he's doing and if he's some kind of " stalker " stalking the girls to her house before warning her that she's going to call the police, Futaro doesn't know how to get out of this mess and asks him not to do that and not to tell his friends (speaking of Itsuki and the three other girls) to which she agrees but tells him that they are not his friends. This detail leaves Futaro questioning.

Arrived at his building Itsuki enters there and Futaro wanting to speak to him this fact stops him entering by the last of the four other girls, the one with the quilts on the sides and the scrunchie with a butterfly pattern, who asks him what he wants from her .In the heat of the moment Foutaro invents a bogus pretext that he too would be a resident of this building and neither one nor two he rushes towards the entrance where he finds the elevators in which Itsuki enters and arrives too late for him speak but does not disassemble and seeing that the elevator goes to the thirtieth floor decides to take the stairs at full speed to the thirtieth floor to be able to talk to him.

fter explaining this situation to him, Itsuki finds himself disconcerted by the news and finds it difficult to accept the fact that he is his private teacher from that day on, just after the four other girls arrive together and it's there that Futaro asks them who they are and if they are roommates but no, they are in fact all five sisters, they are even quintuplets, and their work from now on will consist of giving lessons to the five Nakano sisters, with in small bonus the fact that all are in school failures with more or less significant gaps.

Of course this manga enters directly into a genre called "Harem", a boy and a multitude of girls around, and of course this manga does not escape the genre rule being that links are created as and when story and Futaro has in it possession a photo on which we can see him as a child with a young girl who happens to be one of the quintuplets and that therefore his story is closely linked to that of at least one of these five girls .And moreover the first episode opens directly with a temporal elipse in which we can even see the marriage of Futaro with one of the quintuplets, but which one is it? and is it the same as the one in the photo and even when we know it (notice to those who have already seen the sequel or him the manga) are we following the story just for that? in large part yes but it is not what makes the salt of this " Haremesque " story which manages to play on these codes and to reinvent the way of using them.

So now it's up to you to be curious and don't hesitate to immerse yourself in this beautiful story if you haven't already (or to dive back into it).

The characters of "The Quintessential Quintuplets"

Futaro Uesugi : he is the main character of this story, coming from a fairly poor family, he favors studies above all and is stubborn and calculates all his expenses to be able to help his family by saving as much as possible. , it is also for this reason that he accepts the job of private teacher at for quintuplets.

Itsuki Nakano : she is the first of the quintuplets to meet Futaro, not very smart but determined, she wishes to be a teacher like her mother before her. Her hair is red, she wears two star-shaped barrettes on each side of her head and has a flyaway on the top of her head in the shape of a question mark.

Itchika Nakano : the oldest of her sisters and also the most lazy (on the surface). Her hair is a very pale purple that tends towards pink, she has the shortest hair of the five sisters and has an earring at her right ear, she often fastens her jacket around her hips.

Yotsuba Nakano: she is the youngest of her sisters and can't help but want to help the people around her. She has red hair and a green bow tie headband.

Miku Nakano : of a discreet character, she is the most intelligent of the quintuplets and adores the martial history of Japan. She has dark brown hair and a streak in front of her eyes. She always wears headphones around her neck.

Nino Nakano : the most deceptively cold of her sisters, she is direct in everything even when she falls in love with Futaro she does not go overboard and confesses to him. She has pink/red hair and has two duvets of each quoted from the head with butterfly-patterned scrunchies.

Uesugi Raiha : Furaro 's younger sister, she is still in college but is very mature for her age and behaves like a mother to her older brother.

The creation of "The Quintessential Quintuplets"

The manga " The Quintessential Quintuplets " or in original version " Go-tōbun no hanayome " (the bride in five for equal) was made by mangaka Negi Haruba in 2017 and was adapted into an anime series in 2019 .

The manga as well as the animated series have been a great success thanks to a very good writing and a very good production supported by excellent openings and endings , such as the openings " Gotobun no kimotchi" and "Gottobun no Ktatchi" or the endings " Aya Utchida " and " Hatsukoi ".

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