The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland, the story summary

Emma and her brothers Norman and Ray lead a peaceful life in the Grace Field House orphanage kept by their mother , a woman who raises and takes care of them . They spend their time playing wolf, running in the woods and lots of other games. From time to time they have to pass checks as they grow up and every once in a while one of the orphans is adopted and goes away from Grace Field House .

One evening when little Conny is about to leave them to meet her new family, Emma realizes that unfortunately she has forgotten her favorite cuddly toy, Little Bernie . Ray realizes that Emma and Norman want to go and give it back to him, but there is a law never to be broken in this orphanage, that of not going to the gates! Ray explains to them that by hurrying they could catch up with them at the gates with the stuffed animal and neither one nor two are off running to hurry to join gjkjkgjk and Mom .

Arrive at the gate there is no one, Norman scans the building but no one, Emma sees a truck parked in the entrance and tries to see what is inside. Suddenly Emma turns white as a sheet , an expression of terror on his face, realizing it, Norman looks to his side and it is with horror that he discovers the corpse of djdjdjdj in the back of the truck, a rose planted in his chest.

Having barely time to understand what is happening, they hear noises coming from the building and without thinking the two of them slip under the truck and hear voices talking about goods, pointing to the children of the orphanage. Hiding under the truck they can only see the feet of the people talking and realize that the feet of the people talking are not human and see those of mama and recognize her voice. She explains to them that she will continue to provide children for them, Mama the one who raises them is in fact the shepherd of a herd that is taken to the slaughterhouse!? Not wasting a moment, Emma and Norman hurry back to the orphanage, trying hard not to look too shocked by the scene they have just witnessed. But Ray is not not stupid and understands that both are in shock. Emma and Noman make the decision to run away from this place before it's too late by taking everyone with them, even the little ones, the challenge now being to make the rest of the children understand what is going on. really plot and then how to get out of this orphanage which is in fact not one, the clock is ticking and their plan must be put into execution without further delay!

The Promised Neverland characters


She is the main character of the story. A young red-haired girl with green eyes, she is skinny in appearance and very nice. She is very good at sports and is one of the three best students in their orphanage. Norman that she finds out what their orphan really is and how it ends when a child is adopted. She is the one who will make the decision to run away, taking everyone with her.


Brilliant boy, he has the best grades in tests and is very smart. He is skinny and has almost white hair and blue eyes. He and Emma Ray grew up together and always got along very well. He seems to be in love with Emma but hasn't told her anything yet and is ready to do anything for her.


young dark-haired boy, looking detached from a lot of things, he is very mature for his age and seems to know a lot of things. He is also one of the three best students to have good test marks and is very attached to Emma and Norman cannot risk losing them, he is ready to do anything to ensure that Emma's escape plan succeeds.

the creation of The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is a manga written by Kaiu Shirai and drawn by Posuka Demizu in 2016 in Weekly Shōnen Jump and then adapted into an anime series in 2019 by Fuji TV studio. Another live-action adaptation was made in 2020.

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