Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online, the story summary

In the not too distant future, where young and old continue to play video games, go to school and look for work, a whole new video game is created. This is Sword Art Online , a multiplayer game in augmented virtual reality or as they describe it a VRMMORPG.

In this game the rule is simple, create an avatar and train it so that it becomes powerful enough to explore the different floors or levels of the game with a boss to defeat at each stage.

It is with this enticing announcement that Kirito let himself be tempted to start playing this new game and also created an avatar.

Kirito is a young gamer who is a little closed in on himself who doesn't really know what to do with his life and by discovering Sword Art Online , his life will take a turn from start to finish.

By connecting to this virtual world with his newly created avatar, Kirito discovers a striking world of realism in which the sensation of extraordinary immersion. Very quickly he met other players and befriended some of them who taught him the basics of this virtual world.

But hardly has he had time to adapt to these new commands that all the players come together to witness an extraordinary event that will throw all Sword Art Online players into a waking nightmare. During their gathering the players will have a message from the game manager ordering them to finish the game and all its levels if they wanted to be able to hope to leave the game alive and until this is done, none of them could leave the game. and in addition if their avatar is killed in the game the player will die in real life.

Its now safe, Kirito will have no choice but to finish the game if he wants to be able to get out of here alive and a lot of trouble is to be expected.

Sword Art Online characters

Kazuto Kirigaya:

Also called Kirito, he is the main character of the story. He is medium height brown and quite lean. He is first a beta tester on the Sword Art Online game when a message explains that he and the players can no longer disconnect unless they finish the game or die in the game and in real life. This prospect does not delight him too much and decides to finish the game. At the heart of this story he meets the player Asuna who very quickly becomes his girlfriend with whom he will unite to overcome the game.

Asuna Yuki:

She's Kirito's girlfriend, quite small, thin and with long light brown hair, she is like him very good at video games and has the place of vice leader in the knight's guild, a group of very strong players in the Sword Art Online games.

She gets closer to Kirito to eventually become a couple with him in the game but fails to get killed several times without Kirito's intervention. After the game both will become very close and have a real strong bond.

Sword Art Online, the creation

Sword Art Online is a light novel was written by Reki Kawahara in 2009. In 2012 anime-series adaptation was produced by famous animation studio A-1 Pictures .

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