Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins, the story summary

In the kingdom of Liones ten ago there was a group of warriors with extraordinary abilities, there were seven in number and all answered to their leader, Méliodas .

But it was after having the sacred knights, soldiers of the king, that this group of warriors became a group of renegade and very large bonuses were put on each of these members

Years later, in a remote region of the kingdom, Princess Elisabeth, the princess of this same kingdom, has gone in search of sins to help her in a mission of the highest importance, falls at the end of her strength in the tavern run by a young blonde boy with green eyes, accompanied by his friend and pet, a talking pig by the name of Hawk.

By waking up Princess Elisabeth realizes that the young boy has watched over her and explains to her that she is looking for the chief of the sins to help her save the kingdom from great danger and that she had to flee. of his castle by pretending to be the rusting knight by putting on an old armor which caused many guards to try to stop him and chase him, hence the reason for his exhaustion in addition to the weight of the armor she had to wear.

The young boy is surprised by such a story and would like to know why she is trying to find the chief of the sins because everyone knows that they are renegades only looking to quench their thirst for blood. But Elisabeth doubts that it is not true and that they are brave warriors.

Suddenly some guards come to the tavern to ask the young boy if he has seen the rusty knight in the vicinity and Elisabeth decides to take advantage of the young boy keeping the guards busy to flee. Alas, she immediately spotted this

At the critical moment when Elisabeth is trapped, the young boy decides to reveal his identity, he is the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins and saves Elisabeth .

It is after a hectic encounter that Méliodas decides to help Elisabeth and both will have to find the other sins who are hiding in the kingdom to save him from the corrupt sacred knights.

Seven Deadly Sins Characters


She is the princess of the kingdom of Liones and is one of the few people to have never doubted the sins and their loyalty, she is slender, skin white as snow and hair blue as water as well as pretty Eyes will see, she has a lot of jujote even if she is not wary enough. She gets along very well with Méliodas .


He is the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins , he is incredibly strong and hides behind the appearance of a smiling and perverted young man with green eyes and blond hair. He is armed with a sword with a broken blade and is always accompanied by Hawk his talking pig.


Hawk is a talking little pig who doesn't have his tongue in his pocket, he spends his time admonishing Méliodas and loves Elisabeth very much. He is extremely cowardly.

Seven Deadly Sins Anime

Seven Deadly Sins manga was created by Nakaba Suzuki in 2012 and edited Weekly Shōnen Magazine between 2012 and 2020 . An animated series adaptation was then made in 2014 by studio A-1 Pictures .

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