For a month Kazuya Kinoshita has had a girlfriend and is in heaven, but here it is, this girlfriend, Mami Nanami , dumps him for someone else without really giving an explanation. Disgusted and melancholic Kazuya withdraws into himself and discovers one day when he appeared an application to rent girlfriends, Diamond , he decides to try and rents a girlfriend called Chizuru Mizuhara , a first time then a second time and during their second date takes his nerves on her but Chizuru doesn't let it and answers her firmly. The same day, Kazuya learns that her grandmother has been taken to the hospital and without waiting goes there with Chizuru by passing her off as that girlfriend, so as not to hurt her family, but Kazuya and Chizuru discover that everything two attend the same university and are even neighbors.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Characters

Kazuya Kinoshita

The main character of the story is an ordinary young man who is well in every respect who lets one walk on it and who ends up understanding him by going out with his first girlfriend Mami Nanami , he ends up letting go of Chizuru Mizuhara who return makes him understand his mistakes and become a friend to read and even more.

Chizuru Mizuhara

She works as a girlfriend for rent and is a student at the same university as Kazuya and Mami , in addition to being his next door neighbor. She has a strong character and knows how to feign ingenuity which destabilizes Kazuya a little during their first meeting when he rents her as a girlfriend, it is after discovering her true personality that both will get closer and tie strong ties.

Mami Nanami

She is the first girlfriend that Kazuya had and she dumps him for another after only a month, she is quite cold and calculating and unlike Chizuru who plays the role of girlfriend as a side job, Mami she plays the girlfriend role in real life to use it, she eventually dumps it when she no longer finds it interesting and finds a better fit. By this behavior she hurts Kazuya and even if after the fact she regrets it and even tries to come back to him she is definitely grilled in the eyes of Kazuya 's entourage, like Chizuru in another.

Rent-A-Girlfriend the author

The manga Rent-A-Girlfriend was written and drawn by Reiji Miyajima in 2017 and pre-published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. It is then in 2020 that the studio TMS-Entertainment  adapted it into an animated series.

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