Naruto, the story summary

Naruto Uzumaki , a young orphan, living in the hidden village of Konoha has a dream of becoming the leader of his village's ninja, an Okage . Naruto serves as host to the nine-tailed fox demon Kyuubi , making him an outcast ever since. s = more tender childhood, but that did not prevent him from nourishing his dream. Only small problem, he is one of the worst of all his school of aspiring ninja, the genins . With his best enemy and rival Sasuke Uchiha he maintenance a rivalry since he her child. He is in love with Sakura who she loves Sasuke and it angers him quite often.

When he finally succeeds in passing his exam to be an aspiring ninja and being taken care of by a teacher, he is placed in a team with two other aspiring ninja, Sasuke and Sakura , as much to say that there is tension in the air. is loaded. It is after having passed the test of their teacher, Kakashi , that he begins to fulfill the missions which are given to them. Protection and escort of personality, rescue or attack, it is as and when Naruto and his team will begin to bond and really get along.

It is then that Sasuke 's older brother, Itachi , comes to meet Naruto to seize the demon foxes which is in him, which passes by his death. Sasuke barely has time to come to Naruto's aid when Itachi retreats. They learn that Itachi has joined a mercenary organization called Akatsuki , recognizable by their black jacket adorned with white and red clouds. Knowing that he is now in danger, and learning that Akatsuki tries to get his hands on tailed demons like the one he has inside him, Naruto now promises to do everything to stop them, and prevent their plan of mass destruction from succeeding.

Naruto characters

Naruto Uzumaki:

Son of the fourth Hokage , Yondaime , he is an orphan because when he was about to come into the world, the nine-tailed demon Kyuubi hypnotized by Madara Uchiha attacked the village of Konoha and to save the village Yondaime had to use his newborn as a receptacle in the fox demon to prevent him from causing a disaster. It is since that day that Naruto is ostracized because of the fear he inspires in the inhabitants. He promises himself to be Hokage to prove his value to the inhabitants and his relatives. but also has himself walked in the footsteps of his father.

Sasuke Uchiwa:

Sasuke is the last of a prestigious clan, the Uchiha , at the origin of the creation of the hidden ninja village of Konoha with the Senju clan. of an illusion technique thanks to a pupil which is their own called sharingan . that his little brother is alive. It's since that night that Sasuke swore to find Itachi and kill him.

Sakura Haruno:

Recognizable by her pink hair, she is madly in love with Sasuke and joins Naruto and Sasuke 's team. also a great force and wishes to prevent Sasuke from taking revenge.

The Creation of Naruto

Naruto is a manga that was created byMasashi Kishimoto in 1999 and then adapted into an animated series by Pierrot and Aniplex studios in 2002. A large number of films have also been created around the manga (11 in all).

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