The attack of the Titans

Attack on Titan, the story summary

Humans live surrounded by gigantic walls so as not to have to fear the ultimate danger that manifested to them more than a hundred years ago, the titans. These disgusting monsters, sometimes more than ten meters high and having an inextinguishable appetite, devour the humans in their path as if they were appetizers for them. It is since it is a gigantic wall allowing to stop the advance of the titans and behind which the humans were able to find refuge that humanity was able to survive. The walls form a gigantic wall over fifty meters high and spanning an area almost the size of a small country. They are three in number and each has a defensive purpose. The first wall is called Wall Maria , the second Wall Rose and the third Wall Sina . Within these three different walls live different castes of the population and it is in the first, that of the Maria wall, that lives Eren Jagger, a young man with a rebellious spirit who only wishes one thing, to destroy the titans and allow humanity to live beyond the wall.

But not everyone thinks like him and that's why he remembers getting into trouble but he can always count on the support of his friends Mikasa and Armin . Eren wishes to join a military group called "Exploration Battalion" which carries out missions beyond the walls but learning it from Mikasa 's mouth, his mother is firmly opposed to it, but surprisingly, his father, a doctor, respects his condition, seems more intriguing as to the reason that pushes his son to wish cala rather than to reprimand him. This battalion has suffered heavy losses and for a parent knowing his child enters it is like knowing he is dead or almost. It was some time after these events that suddenly, while Eren Mikasa and Armin were discussing all three, a tremor was felt and then a large black smoke appeared behind the wall. And suddenly a gigantic titan exceeding the size of the wall appears and kicks down the gate of the wall allowing the titan who followed him to enter the city of Shiganshina . There begins a real massacre, a bloodbath where Eren's mother finds death devoured by a titan with a broad smile.

It is following this event that Eren swears to do everything to eradicate the threat of the titans and decides to volunteer for the army followed by Mikasa and Armin .

Attack on Titan characters

Eren Jagger:

young and hot-headed, he is determined to save humanity from the scourge of titans. He is the main character of the story and lives with Mikasa , adopted by Eren 's parents when she was still a child.

Mikasa Ackerman:

Young girl friend and adoptive sister of Eren she is ready to do anything to help Eren even if it means close to death she will stop at nothing and is very strong in combat.


Of rather puny appearance, he is cultivated and like Eren wishes to go beyond the wall to discover the world there. He joins Eren and Mikasa in the exploration battalion.

The making of Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan was created by Hajime Isayama in 2009 and was adapted into an animated series in 2013 by Wit Studio and MAPPA studios. A live action adaptation was also made in 2013 by Shinji Higuchi .

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