The girl of hell

The story of the girl from hell

The site of hell is a site on which when you want to punish someone, you must connect at midnight precisely and enter the name of the person. Once the request is sent, the girl of hell will come to you and give you a straw doll with a string around the neck. If you untie the string then the daughter of the underworld will send the person whose name was written on the site to the underworld, but " two falls for a curse " and has your death, the daughter of hell will send you to hell too.

The girl who is called Daughter of the Underworld is actually called Ai Enma . forward her eyes and lips of red colors. Ai Enma is often dressed in a black school uniform or a kimono, and often disguises herself to investigate people who appeal to her.

More than 400 years ago, when Ai Enma was still human and lived in a small peasant village, her only friend was her cousin Sentarou . In this village, the inhabitants practiced a ritual called " the seven-year offering " which was in fact a sacrifice of a seven-year-old child to the god of the mountain. Ai enma was one of those children chosen to be sacrificed but thanks to the help of her parents and Sentarou she managed to last a few years and it was on a moonlit night that she and Sentarou took her . Furious the villagers sentenced her to be buried alive with her parents and forced S entarou to participate. Mad with rage against the inhabitants of the village and against Sentarou , she cursed everyone and came back to her to burn the whole village.

After this carnage, to punish her, the master of the underworld condemned Ai to be the girl of the underworld forever, forbidding her to have any feelings towards the people appealing to her.

At the heart of his task, Ai Enma is helped by yokai in his service, there are Yamawaro , Hone-onna , Itchimoku Ren , Kikuri and Wanyudo . Each of them became yokai and were helped by Ai in thanks. helps send souls to hell when someone calls on the services of the hell girl .

The characters from Hell's Girl

Ai Enma : She is the main character of the story, the one who has the duty to send souls to hell as punishment for the murders she has committed.

S entarou : He is the cousin, only friend and lover of Ai when she was human, it is thanks to him that Ai escaped death during the sacrifice of seven years for which she had been designated. Unfortunately after being surprised he can't protect Ai until the end and he has to be buried alive with his parents if he doesn't want to be killed too. One day a night when he flees from the village he sees a fire in the distance and on returning to the place he realizes that Ai has returned and is burning all around her, he flees terrorizing and gnawing with guilt and remorse and later decides to erect a temple for the rest of the souls of the children sacrificed during the offering of the seven then become a confectioner and send sweets to the temple until his death, something that his descendants will perpetuate.

Hajime Shibata : He is a direct descendant of Sentarou and a freelance journalist. He and his daughter, Tsuguimi who is related to Ai will try to stop people from using the mail from the underworld.

Tsugumi Shibata : She is the daughter of Hajime and a direct descendant of Sentarou . She and her father will pursue the girl from hell by helping themselves to the fact that she is linked to Ai .

Wanyudo : former royal carriage wheel that became a yokai over the years, he drove on the night paths without knowing what to do, it was after his meeting with Ai that he decided to follow her and help her in her task .

Hone-onna : she was once a prostitute several centuries ago who was murdered and brought back to life as a " skeleton woman " yokai . Ai offered to follow her and help her in her task and she accepted glad to have found someone who wasn't afraid of her.

Itchimoku Ren : former saber become yokai over time he decides to follow Ai who gives him a form other than a saber, happy to no longer have to exist only to kill, he decides to follow her and help her to thank her.

Yamawaro : he was born in the mountains, he is a yokai resembling a boy, he frightens everyone passing by what mushrooms grow on his skin and one day Ai offers him to follow her and it is after reflection that he decides to join her to help her in her task.

Kikuri : she looks like a little girl and serves as a receptacle for the master of the underworld

The Creation of The Daughter of Hell

The Daughter of Hell is an animated series created by Aniplex studio and Studio Deen in 2005 with a first season then a second in 2007, a third in 2009 and a fourth in 2017.

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