Fate/stay night

The story of Fate/stay night

The story takes place in the city of Fuyuki in which Emiya Shirou , a young high school student passionate about mechanics and using magic to exercise his passion, surprises one evening in his school of Homurahara a duel with knives between two people. try to find out what is happening but this is surprised and chased by one of the two men. Being faster than his prey he ends up catching him and cornering him, Emiya realizes that he is armed a large spear and which the man is extremely skilled with. before he knows it, Emiya has been skewered and left for dead.

Beginning to lose consciousness, Emiya this sense leaving but hears a female voice asking him what he was doing there, but no longer having the strength and this believing him almost dead, Emiya resigns himself to die to finally regain consciousness with in the palm of her hand, a necklace set with a red stone.

How did he survive who treated him and why did this man want to kill him? Emiya has so many unanswered questions that he doesn't know where to start. Having come home a bit late, Sakura, a student of the school ''' also a long-time friend taking care of him, left him a meal and a few words. Taking his mind, Emiya begins to try to understand why this man tried to kill him but unfortunately for him this man felt that he was still alive and find her at home to be sure. this time to kill him. Demoralized and frightened Emiya doesn't know how to react and that's when on the ground, a luminous circle appears and from which a young girl in armor appears.

Emiya, not understanding what just happened, remains speechless watching this young girl who simply asks him if he is her master. Not understanding anything and in doing so attacked by the man with the spear, the young girl instinct draws an invisible weapon and protects him. In doing so, the two opponents then go into a daunting fight which ends with the man fleeing with the spear after a failed attack.

Emiya asks the young girl who she is and the reason for these attacks. She then explains to him that without knowing it he took part in an event called the Holy Grail War, a death match in which mages clash accompanied by a servant to obtain the grail and have the possibility of asking him for a wish. She explains to him that there are seven servants of different classes to be summoned by the mages during this confrontation and that she is of Saber class and the man who attacked him is a Lancer class.

The war in which Emiya took part against his will has only just begun for him and resumed for others, and in the end only one person can obtain the grail and the war begins.

fate stay night saber

Saber is the heroic spirit of King Arthur , who in this universe takes on the features of a slender, blond, green-eyed young girl. She is the servant of Emiya Shirou .

fate stay night archer

He is the heroic spirit of Emiya from an apocalyptic future and is called to be the servant of Rin Tohsaka.

fate stay night berserker

He is the heroic spirit of Heracles the mythical hero and demi-god and is called to be the servant of Illyasviel von Einzbern .

fate stay night launch

He is the heroic spirit of Cú Chulainn , Irish hero and servant of Kirie Kotomine .

fate stay night rider

She is the heroic spirit of Medusa heroine who can turn her opponents into stone with her gaze, she is the servant of Shinji Matou .

fate stay night caster

She is the Heroic Spirit of Medea who helped Jason and the Argonauts steal the Golden Fleece . She is Professor Kuzuki 's servant.

fate stay night assassin

He is the Heroic spirit of Sasaki Kojiro, legendary Japanese swordsman who was called by caster , he is an irregularity in this war.

fate stay night rin tohsaka

Rin is one of the three great mages taking part in the holy grail war, she is the descendant of the Tohsaka , one of the three families of mages who united their power to summon the grail for the first time.

fate stay night sakura matou

Sakura is Rin 's sister and was adopted by the Matou , also one of the three great families of mages taking part in the holy grail war but does not take part in it herself and is friends with Emiya . one of the three families of wizards who joined forces to invoke the grail.

fate stay night illyasviel von einzbern

Illyasviel descent of puppets created by the third family of witches who united their powers to the other two to be able to invoke the grail and take part in the war to obtain it, the Einzbern . She is the adoptive sister of Emiya .

The creation of fate stay night

Fate stay night was created on January 30, 2004 and was originally a visual novel produced by the Type-Moon studio then was adapted into a manga between 2006 and 2012 and finally was adapted into an animated series by the Deen studio a first once between January and June 2006 then a second time by the Ufotable studio between October 2014 and June 2015.

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